Here comes the bride...

The first parts of my sister's wedding stationary, complete!


Whilst at the 'Cake and Bake' show in Manchester last month (where I witnessed Mary Berry in the flesh), I picked up this patterned transfer paper that you apply to chocolate. After getting it home and realizing I didn't actually know what to do with it, I recently decided to apply it to chocolate covered florentines that I made as Easter treats for my family... weird stuff!

Duck your ideas up...

It was my bestie's birthday earlier in March but I wasn't in Yorkshire to share it with her, so prepared her a belated Easter weekend, including this 'duck' cake, (loosely) based on a cake found in my Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cakes - Vintage Edition - book.

Yes, those are frozen peas for eyes.


About me (and my chin)

To introduce myself to the lovely members of White Space I was asked to do a short presentation. I decided to create a song/video combo and play it to them...

About Me_WhiteSpace from Jennifer Bows on Vimeo.

Curd it be any more lemony?

Having made a jar of lemon curd for a cupcake recipe recently, I decided to whip up some more for my three mums (mums just love lemon!)...