Project Brief 5_Summative

The latest brief was to create a piece of design that would evaluate our projects from the past term. I decided to create a piece of moving image using stop-motion and edited in After Effects. There are a lot of issues with it, but on the whole I am pleased with how it turned out. I have found a new love for moving image, and can see it becoming something which I revisit often :)


An ongoing project for the last term was to design and build a our own website to showcase our work.
Check mine out! www.jenniferbows.com

Kinetic Typography_Napoleon Dynamite

My first attempt at kinetic typography! I've been learning the basics of Adobe After Effects, and our brief was to create some moving text to match an extract from a film. I chose one of my favourite scenes from Napoleon Dynamite :) I look forward to learning more about After Effects!

Piano_Samson, Regina Spektor

I've been teaching myself piano, but haven't played for a while as I couldn't find a piano at my uni! However, I have found one now and love going to play it on an evening. To make me keep improving, I've decided to post some videos on here, as and when I learn new songs :)
 (sorry about the out-of-syncness, I recorded the audio and video separately!)


Three French Hens...

These are the Christmas cards I designed for this year! I used scans of a French newspaper to create the collaged birds, and bought some lovely Christmassy fabric to sew on the bottom :)

Starry, Starry Skirt..

As a Christmas gift for my friend I bought a denim skirt, cut it up and added lace and starry fabric to make it all Christmassy :) I liked it so much, I think I'll make one for myself!


Dream Diary_Collage

This is the book I have initially been recording my dreams in. I just used it as a personal record - using collage as another way to interpret the content. However, when I showed the book to my friends, they much preferred the images to the computer-generated ones I was producing as a response to this book. Therefore, I decided to upload some of my original recordings...  :)