Have you ever loved and lost a strudel?

Last year I was reminiscing about some delicious apple strudel I ate in Italy, and I decided to write a song about it. It was my first attempt at 'animation', which I created using multiple images created in Photoshop. I then recorded myself singing the lyrics, to the tune of "Have You Ever" by S Club 7. Although very rough around the edges (particularly on the singing front!), it makes me chuckle...


Project Brief 4_Collections

For our 4th brief we were to create a 'catalogue' of a collection of our choice. I chose 'Corks' as my collection, mainly because I remember my sister having a collection (bizarre) and I think they are hugely underrated (in terms of visual appeal). It saddens me to think that corks are on their way out, to be replaced by 'plastic' alternatives. Therefore I wanted to present corks in their finest and remind the world what they're leaving behind! I chose a format where I could focus on pure imagery- presenting the corks in a 'larger-than-life' scenario. The reader can then open up the pages to reveal information about each cork and which country it comes from. I covered the front of my booklet in cork sheet, and used small squares of cork within the spreads to add texture and interest to the design.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Birthday Zone

Again for my boyfriend's birthday, I decided to make him a 'pop-up' card based on one of our favourite Sega Games- Sonic the Hedgehog. I created the background and foreground on Photoshop based on screen-shots of the game, then created a 'groove' on the platform for Sonic/Jonny to run along. The idea was that he was running along his 'life so far', starting from birth (1989) and finishing on the present, his 21st birthday (2010). I recreated the Sonic Logo/splash screen using his face, and used squared paper on the front to mimic the covers of the old Sega Master System game boxes. I also tried to mimic the 'Happy Birthday' font used for the Master System logo. This was a very complicated design, and the 'pull-along' system could have been developed, but I think it really worked as 3D!


For my boyfriend's 21st birthday I decided to make him a cake (cakes), based on the Dreamcast - a games console from his childhood. I used roll-out icing onto chocolate sponge cakes, then used a pearl lustre powder to create a sheen effect! I then used extra icing and icing pens to add the details. I originally bought Skittles for the buttons on the controller, then later discovered that there is no blue skittle!! ("Skittles- Taste the Rainbow. Except Blue.") So I hastily bought some Smarties last minute! (Apologies for the poor photography - I had to take the photos quickly before carefully transporting it to him on a train!)


Jen in Twenty-one-derland...

This is the invitation I created for my 21st birthday party which will be in December! It's Alice in Wonderland theme, and I'm looking forward to making costumes and decorations!


Chinese Dress

I bought this Chinese dress from a vintage sale, as I absolutely love Chinese fabric! It was too large and I felt it was too formal for everyday wear, so decided to amend it...

I cut off the top of the dress just above the zip, and gathered the front together. I then added some straps made out of the cut-off top. Due to shortening the dress, there was a big [revealing!] slit up the side, so I used the reverse side of the cut-off fabric behind...