How to keep your Smart car safe...

My entry for Smart Car's competition, where the brief was to come up with an idea for how to keep a Smart car safe, and create an animation to go with it. Here is my entry, which came second :)
How to keep your Smart Car safe from Jennifer Bows on Vimeo

Indigo Bows

Hello again!

I have recently set myself up a little card/invitation/other design company to keep me occupied, and to allow my life-long passion for creating cards and gifts for loved ones to be shared with others.
It's called Indigo Bows- mainly because my surname is Bows, and because I love the colour purple. But also because I think it sounds quite nice on the ears.

Visit my (growing) website here: http://www.indigobowsdesign.co.uk/

And check out my latest progress here: http://www.facebook.com/IndigoBowsDesign?fref=ts