Christmas Crafts

Last week some members of our course held a mini craft stall at university, and these are some of the things I made and sold...

Screen-printed Christmas cards

Christmas cake cupcakes

Tree decorations

Edinburgh Woollen Mill placement...

Mica Connelly and I I recently spent a week on placement in the Marketing department at Edinburgh Woollen Mill, and had a jolly good time! We were able to work on ideas for the new brochure, next year's window displays and many other projects! The images below show some examples of what we got up to, although they are just ideas that we put forward and are not necessarily going to be used!

("Cashmica-Bows" - typeface created using EYM cashmere scarves)

(typeface created out of ribbon)


Cigar Guitar

A birthday gift for Jonny, which was a home-made 3-string electric 'Cigar Guitar'. Made using a cigar box as the body and fully hand crafted by the very talented Chris Searle...


Red Bull Canimation

My entry for the Red Bull Canimation competition.  The top 10 voted videos go through to the judges, so please please vote, like & comment on mine! (Each counts as a vote).
Click this link: canimation.redbull.co.uk/gallery/video/31838772

The Beat of the Bull from Jennifer Bows on Vimeo.


The Informer

A live brief to redesign the student newspaper and make it less 'newspaper-like'.


A River Tale

A song I wrote and performed for a 3 minute presentation about an event in my life. I chose to tell my story of finding a conspicuous item whilst taking photographs along the river in Carlisle, and the fear I felt during it. Afterwards, I did laugh at my naive actions...

The photographs do not necessarily match the lyrics but are the photographs I took at the time of said event, for my traditional photography module.

The Book of Happiness

A booklet I designed for Olly Theakton- a recent graduate of the Creative Writing course -as part of his final project. These are a few of the more illustrative spreads I created for Olly's poems about happiness...


Literally the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.


Lenny Henry Tights...

This literally was my dream last night:

I was sitting in an assembly, listening to Alan Rickman sing the first hymn (which everyone seemed to find hilarious).  I looked to my left and Lenny Henry was sat beside me, after which I was very embarrassed to find that I had worn my 'Lenny Henry dressed as a clown' tights in his presence...


For our first brief of Year 3, we were given a word and told to research it in a written and visual manner. My word was 'fluid', so I decided to go with the concept of 'fluid speech'. I came up with a handful of tongue-twisters (heavily based on the letter f- a fluid letter itself) and presented them in an illustrative way. This is the 'monograph' I produced...

Hannah the Town Planner

A little song I wrote for my friend, Hannah, who asked me to sing about her studying to become a town planner...



My boss has just had a little baby girl, and before she was born she asked if I'd make some canvases for the nursery. I decided that I would use her name (Emily) and create a canvas for each letter. (Animals begining with the letters 'I' and 'Y' were very thin on the ground!!)


Summer Placements...

For some experience in the 'real' world of Graphic Design, I spent two weeks at Founded (Newcastle) and two weeks at Elmwood (Leeds). My time at both these places was invaluable, and I learnt more by 'watching' than I ever have 'doing'.

At Founded, I met these two fellas (Chewy & Badger), and realised that dogs aren't so bad after all.

I worked on a few different projects -identity, to signage, to web design, and got to see the kind of work these talented guys produce.

These were designs for a folder for the University of Leeds gallery. 

Founded have done a lot of work for the Theatre Royal in Newcastle, and one of their current briefs was to design a poster for the reopening of the theatre. The first show was to be 'The Madness of King George', and a phrase was needed to inform the public of the both the reopening and the subject of the first show.

I was given the task of brainstorming puns for such an event, and after a good half hour I came up with the following:

A Royal Entrance
Hail to the King
Drum Royal Please...
Refit for a King

The team then gathered for a meeting, and decided they would put forward mine ("Refit for a King"), Anthony's ("One would be mad to miss it") and the Theatre Royal's suggestion ("A Right Royal Reopening")

Well, I think they liked it...

I wish 'pun-maker' was a valid profession...
(I cannot take credit for the designs..)

I thanked the lovely team at Founded with a personalised cake.

...and one for the dogs.

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone at Founded for having me and for teaching me so much! Check out their ace work: http://wearefounded.com/

I then spent two weeks at Elmwood Leeds, after sending them a CD including my portfolio and a song written for them. I wish 'comedy song-writing' was a valid profession...

Anyhow, Elmwood was a MUCH bigger place, with very different yet equally impressive work. This section will look rather bare, as I signed a piece of paper saying any work I do belongs to Elmwood.. However, amongst other things I did work on a website for a new national charity, an identity for an internet marketing agency, vitamins packaging. I didn't come away with anything I could put in my portfolio, but I came away with more knowledge about the design world and I met some very talented people. I'm very grateful to everyone there for making me feel like part of the team, putting up with me asking multiple questions, and especially to Rob and Steve for introducing me to 'fish butties'...

Check out their wonderful work: http://elmwood.com/

Upside-down Face...

A short video I made whilst holidaying in Centerparcs..
My boyfriend was feeling weak, so allowed me to draw on his face with eyeliner.. Inspiration from this task came from reading Vic Reeve's autobiography and the mischief he got up to as a child (a hilarious read).

I feel like chicken[cake] tonight...

A cake I made for my mother-in-law's birthday.. The 'grass-coloured' icing was (accidentally) achieved by mixing green food colouring with cocoa powder, and the chickens and accompanying 'eglu' (a snazzy, modern chicken coop) were made out of rolled icing...