Project Brief_Sign Systems

Following on from the corporate identity project, we were to choose one of our logos and develop a sign system for it within a building of our choice. I chose the Open House logo, a place where children aged 11-16 can come and talk about their issues, escape home or just chill out. I designed a flow chart system to help visitors decide which room they need, and used a collaged theme similar to that of my initial logo.

...I also created a 'digital' alternative of the flow chart, keeping with the times...


Music to my Peers...

The birthday card I made for my boyfriend's dad- a dedicated member of the East Yorkshire Brass Band!

Twenty One-t another slice?

For my bestest friend Claire's birthday, I decided to write her a song and animate it in a creepy, yet humorous way. (I'd just like to point out that those, sadly, are not my legs...)

..and here was her 'jungle theme' cake; baked by the lovely Jenny Cox and decorated by myself.


Folk-us Please!

The birthday card I made for my dad, who enjoys nothing more than to play folk songs on his guitar!

Studio Mark D'Emidio

I thought I'd take the opportunity to show off the work of Mark D'Emido (my sister's boyfriend!) -these particular pieces he designed for the Baltic Preview Party, whilst on placement at Blue River in Newcastle. He has also been on placement at Spin in London, and has literally just began another placement at Bunch in London. I wish him all the luck! Check out his website: www.studiomarkdemidio.com

For she's a jolly good fellow...

Two cards that I created using a simple drawing! One for a general "hello!" and one for my granny's 80th birthday...

...and here is the birthday girl!!


Project Brief_Corporate Identity

The task for this brief was to design logos/identities for four (fictional) companies. I seemed to struggle with this brief, possibly because I found it difficult to create something 'simple' which doesn't appear to have many layers of meaning to it. However, I tried to create something different for each logo and something a little less predictable...

We were then to develop one identity into designs for stationary....
(note the content of the letter comprised of extracts from Ralph McTell's classic "Alphabet Zoo"...)