Dream_Potato Demon


I'm walking towards an escalator in a train station, and there is a man in front of me. Suddenly somebody throws a knife at his neck, but it doesn't bleed it just oozes a transparent liquid- almost like cutting into a potato. I realise then that he is a 'Potato Demon'. I hurry across the train station to find a man called John. He is standing at the other side of the platform, so I can't get to him. I can't find the words to say to him, so I just hold up a photograph of a Potato Demon. He knows that I have discovered my duty as the slayer, and he is my watcher.


Project Brief 3_Format/Grid

For this project we were to design a leaflet for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We were given restrictions of no bigger than A3, and made from one sheet of paper only; other than that we were left to our own devices. I decided upon an unusual fold which, when folded, would reveal a 'taster' of what was on the reverse. I wanted the leaflet to be something sentimental as opposed to something just disregarded as soon as the festival was over. The 'poster' side of the leaflet was achieved by creating my layout digitally, and then hand-drawing over the lettering to give a more personal feel. Typography is something I usually shy away from, so this was a bold approach for me!

Dream_Psychological Paracetamol


I am on the phone to my friend's mum. She says she could do with some paracetamol, as she has back pain. I offer to take some for her over the phone- "It's only psychological, anyway" I say. I swallow three tablets, but have great difficulty.


Project Brief 2_The Given Grid

For my last project I was to design a book spread for the graphic design company 'The Partners'. Using a 5-column grid, I created a spread which hopefully reflects the company effectively. I emphasised the playful nature of the 'curly bracket' used in The Partners' logo, whilst maintaining the professional feel by sticking to key colours. I was surprised at how much time and effort goes into designing a spread, how important the tiny details are, and how easy it is to get it wrong. I was pleased with my first attempt at editorial design!


What's up Pussy Cat

Some cats that I met on my journey...

Cats Protection

I bought some items from a Cats Protection charity shop, and was given this plastic bag. I thought it was a great use of humour and an effective way of making use of both sides of the bag.

Gingerbread Wishes

These images were created for a friend's belated birthday card. I baked the gingerbread men and iced them (the top image is a portrait of the recipient!) I then photographed the biscuits and cropped them accordingly.

Birthday Jumpers

For two of my friend's 21st birthdays, I decided to customise them both a jumper. I drew out the images, scanned them in and added colour digitally. I then used iron-on paper to transfer them to the jumper. I sewed on buttons around the images as a contrast to the 2D graphics...

'Traditional Photography' Module_Project 2 Finals

These are the final pieces for the front and back cover of my CD. I did selective masking on the front photograph, adding a sepia tone to all of the image but leaving the hand in grey-scale. I did the same for the back; leaving the drum pure black so that it contrasted with the white text. I used an acetate overlay to expose everything but the text.


'Traditional Photography' Module_Project 2

My second project for the traditional photography module was to design an CD or DVD cover. I decided to take photographs of 'potential artists' in various settings...


'Traditional Photography' Module_Project 1

During my first year of university I took part in an optional 'Traditional Photography' module. I was taught all the basics of using an SLR film camera, developing and printing using traditional techniques and adding tone and colour. These photographs are from my first project, titled "A Journey". They are taken at various points along the River Eden in Carlisle.
I used a Pentax MX with Black and White film. I did all the developing by hand and have not digitally manipulated the images...