The obvious 'swarm' related image would be something to do with bees..(or an old Yorkshire man saying "It's warm" in a monotone voice...damn I wish I'd done that now...) but I thought about the recent weather here in Britain, and how you can't get moved on the paths for the 'swarm' of umbrellas (that last minute decision of whether to put your umbrella above or bring it below the oncoming pedestrian's is a daunting experience...). I also don't think I have seen so many disgarded umbrellas, worn out and skeletal, as here in Carlisle...



When I heard the word 'layers', I immediately thought about onions and their many layers (literal, not emotional). I then thought that a 'pickled' onion is pretty much a regular onion, but with less layers. And that's shallot.


Seals in Love

My Valentine's gift for my boyfriend: A song about seals in love! (Based on true events)

Seals in Love from Jennifer Bows on Vimeo.

Love Letters...

Jonny and Jenny- the typographic couple! (The fact that Jonny is in real life actually a whole head taller than me was not taken into account for this design....!)

A Valentine's Day Scene

A lovely parcel arrived for me today from my boyfriend- A Valentine's day card, resourcefully made out of half a carboard folder, some bamboo-style crete paper and staples... and inside was another selection of his ace senario sketches! This one (Entitled 'A Valentine's Day Scene') makes absolutely no sense to me, but I love it...

Project Brief_Sell Ice to an Eskimo

The latest brief was simple to 'Sell Ice to an Eskimo'. I decided that the best way to sell it to them would be in the form of 'ice plugs', filling in those exposed 'fishing holes' to prevent comedy mishaps. I considered the language barrier and decided that for this brief, pictures would speak louder than words. I thought about digital moving image to tell the story, but felt that sending a physical item in a paper boat was far more appealing... ("ICY PLUGS - YOU SEE PLUGS")

Piano Cover: Sophia, Nerina Pallot

I've been learning this song for ages, but aways go wrong when I get to a certain bit! This is about the 8th take, when I decided that enough was enough! Time to move onto a new song I think :)



I've never taken part in Illustration Friday before, but decided to start now! The word 'reverse' made me think 'back of' and it got me thinking, what does the bum of a gingerbread man look like? Nobody knows, not even other gingerbread people, because they're always side by side. Maybe they have secret messages written on their bums that they're trying to keep hidden..that's why their arms are always upwards, suggesting they have nothing to hide...yeah right. I think if they were to be confronted by another gingerbread man front on, it would be a pretty shocking experience...

Project Brief_Book Covers

The book covers are finally finished, after a tedious week of tweaking the waitress so that she looked vaguely 'normal'! Again I am asking myself why I chose an illustrative appraoch to the brief... Anywho, the concept for this design is a waitress who is 'offering you information on a plate'..A quick, simple service with a smile! I liked the idea of a 1950s American style waitress, so based my type, colour scheme and general feel of the design around that era...