Summer Placements...

For some experience in the 'real' world of Graphic Design, I spent two weeks at Founded (Newcastle) and two weeks at Elmwood (Leeds). My time at both these places was invaluable, and I learnt more by 'watching' than I ever have 'doing'.

At Founded, I met these two fellas (Chewy & Badger), and realised that dogs aren't so bad after all.

I worked on a few different projects -identity, to signage, to web design, and got to see the kind of work these talented guys produce.

These were designs for a folder for the University of Leeds gallery. 

Founded have done a lot of work for the Theatre Royal in Newcastle, and one of their current briefs was to design a poster for the reopening of the theatre. The first show was to be 'The Madness of King George', and a phrase was needed to inform the public of the both the reopening and the subject of the first show.

I was given the task of brainstorming puns for such an event, and after a good half hour I came up with the following:

A Royal Entrance
Hail to the King
Drum Royal Please...
Refit for a King

The team then gathered for a meeting, and decided they would put forward mine ("Refit for a King"), Anthony's ("One would be mad to miss it") and the Theatre Royal's suggestion ("A Right Royal Reopening")

Well, I think they liked it...

I wish 'pun-maker' was a valid profession...
(I cannot take credit for the designs..)

I thanked the lovely team at Founded with a personalised cake.

...and one for the dogs.

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone at Founded for having me and for teaching me so much! Check out their ace work: http://wearefounded.com/

I then spent two weeks at Elmwood Leeds, after sending them a CD including my portfolio and a song written for them. I wish 'comedy song-writing' was a valid profession...

Anyhow, Elmwood was a MUCH bigger place, with very different yet equally impressive work. This section will look rather bare, as I signed a piece of paper saying any work I do belongs to Elmwood.. However, amongst other things I did work on a website for a new national charity, an identity for an internet marketing agency, vitamins packaging. I didn't come away with anything I could put in my portfolio, but I came away with more knowledge about the design world and I met some very talented people. I'm very grateful to everyone there for making me feel like part of the team, putting up with me asking multiple questions, and especially to Rob and Steve for introducing me to 'fish butties'...

Check out their wonderful work: http://elmwood.com/

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