THIS is an Art Attack...

A couple of friends got me a (vintage) Art Attack book, knowing that it was my FAVOURITE television programme of all time and I bought every magazine and made everything in it..(I do believe it initiated my love of art and design)...and I thought, 'What better way to spend a day than to create a papier mache monster-bin'...

 And so I did:

...Oh, and did I mention that last year I met my all-time hero, Neil Buchannon, and sang with him on stage...

(that's me in the middle, having a moment..)

Check out his snazzy band!! http://www.marseilleonline.co.uk/


  1. hey, i am doing an art project and this may sound like a really weird question but when i was little i made that monster bin thing and i need to know how to make it. i have trolled the internet everywhere and cant find it, seeing as you have the instructions, could you be really helpful and email me with them?


    thank you


  2. hey, i don't know if you're still monitoring this page but could you pretty please send me the instructions too. i've looked through the library, youtube and the internet and i've asked around but i can't find the instructions for this anywhere. ive wanted to make this since i was a kid but i never had pva at home... i really don't think my room is complete without an art attack. could you please send me the instructions? i'm kinda desperate. my address is lumiere797@gmail.com thanks.