Turkish and Italian Delights...

In addition to the paper treats, I also made my mum some sweet treats for her birthday. The tiramisu's were made using this recipe (except I used yogurt instead of cream and Ameretto in place of Marsala), and they were enjoyed after the meal I made for the family. I then decided to tackle Turkish Delight.. not a delight to make! Everything went fine until it came to removing it from the container.. a bag full of icing sugar later, and I managed to salvage it. It's slightly on the thin side, but mildy presentable! I used this recipe. (The flowers are there to make the end product seem more delightful..working?) 


  1. These look delicious :) xxx

  2. Hello there Jennifer! My name is Claire and I love your blog. Everything is so wonderful and your culinary skills look amazing! It would be my dream to meet you one day. Love Claire your biggest (stalker) fan xxx