Sonic The Hedgehog: Birthday Zone

Again for my boyfriend's birthday, I decided to make him a 'pop-up' card based on one of our favourite Sega Games- Sonic the Hedgehog. I created the background and foreground on Photoshop based on screen-shots of the game, then created a 'groove' on the platform for Sonic/Jonny to run along. The idea was that he was running along his 'life so far', starting from birth (1989) and finishing on the present, his 21st birthday (2010). I recreated the Sonic Logo/splash screen using his face, and used squared paper on the front to mimic the covers of the old Sega Master System game boxes. I also tried to mimic the 'Happy Birthday' font used for the Master System logo. This was a very complicated design, and the 'pull-along' system could have been developed, but I think it really worked as 3D!

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