Easter Eggs-hibits...

With Easter and spare time, brings cooking and baking! I decided to make a few 'snacks' for me and my family on Easter...

I originally got this idea here for 'cake pops', but due to my lack of American ingredients (fondant, candy melts) I decided to amend the recipe.. however the 'cake balls' wouldn't stay on the lolly pop sticks, so I ended up putting them into mini bun cases! They were very difficult to decorate, but I think you get the general idea of what they are supposed to be!!

I put all our sweet treats onto my favourite cake stand, which included my Easter chicks and bunnies, some home-made Millionaire's shortcake (courtesy of the Hairy Bikers: 'Mums know best'), mini doughnuts (which I made using a mini doughnut tin from a car boot that day! Because they weren't fried, they were more like cakes but they were still yummy!), and some gingerbread biscuits and buns that my sister made.

I was surprised how easy these mini quiches (also courtesy of the Hairy Bikers: '12 Days of Christmas') were to make. For the filling I just made a basic mixture of crème fraiche, eggs and parmesan and added extra ingredients for variations, including Blue cheese & Spring Onion and Ham & Mustard.

Finally, I had some red onion chutney and goats cheese that I wanted to fill some pastry cases with, but as I used all the cases for my mini quiches I had to find an alternative 'base'! I just sliced some tortilla wraps into triangles, spread the chutney on and crumbled goats cheese on top. Then just put in the oven for 5-10 minutes!

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