A tshirt line which I created, based on a mix of the beauty of Japanese nature and British lazy summer days. I wanted the tshirts to be printed in gold, hence the (Au) of the brand AuRA. Aura is also the name of the Goddess of sunlight and the breeze (fitting...). I wrote a 'poem' which would go on the reverse of the tags and give a greater sense of the brand:

Aura, Goddess of light and sun
Wake me when the day's begun,
So I may feel summer's glow
and watch how gently nature grows
And walk the earth with those I love
under the sky who smiles above
For perfect days don't have to shine
for gold to fill this heart of mine

 For the brand I created a logo and tags, as well as potential displays. The tags are designed '3D' do that the top can be ripped off to reveal a 'fortune' inside.
I have hand screen-printed a selection of t shirts (the designs have changed slightly), which I will photograph and post soon...

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