Save the Date!

My recent big project has been designing and producing all the 'papery' things for my biggest sister's up and coming wedding. Here are here 'save the date cards'....

I then began designing the main invitations, having been sent an example of what she would like. I decided to test out some potato printing to add a personal touch to the invites...

...but then remembered I wasn't completely mental (this would have taken a few million months to achieve 60 invites...) (I exaggerate). 
So I then settled on creating a design, printing it out via man-made printing equipment and adding just a baby finger of personal touches...

60 invites, inserts and RSVP cards down. 60 evening invites, 60 more RSVP cards, 60 order of services, 100 place cards, 10 menus and a seating plan to go. 
What are baby sisters for! 

I shall post the full collection when it is complete :)

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